Mend - Tie Dye Thursday

Thursday, April 26, 2018 -
2:30pm to 5:00pm

In honor of Earth Month, EcoReps Mend is hosting a special event outdoors for you to upcycle and bring new life to old stuff you might be thinking of tossing! We’ll have tie-dye and DIY materials, so bring anything you want to tie-dye or transform! (A limited number of extra t-shirts will be available.)

We will also have FREE Bent Spoon ice cream gift cards for the most creative reuses/upcycling of items!

Where/When will it be?

April 26th 2:30pm - 5:00pm

Frist South Lawn

What can I bring? (just some ideas, but not limited to these at all)

  • An old pair of white converse or shoes (your dirty street shoes?)

  • Free t-shirts that have been sitting in your closet since frosh week

  • Pillowcase

  • Old sheets/fabric to turn into a wall decoration or tapestry

  • Old jeans/jorts/boxers/shorts

  • Gear from your team, group or club that you’ve wanted to spice up

  • Dresses, sweaters, pants, etc. that you are tired of

What does this event have to do with sustainability?

Upcycling your clothes and giving them a second life, instead of tossing them is good for the environment and represents an effort for a more sustainable consumer culture!

Location: Frist South Lawn
More Info:
Topics: waste reduction