The Princeton University Ecology Representative Program (EcoReps) was founded in 2004 and is hosted by the Office of Sustainability. The mission of the EcoReps is to promote the integration of sustainability into life on campus in alignment with the Sustainability Action Plan. Through their efforts, the EcoReps aim to see every Princeton student adopt at least one aspect of sustainable living into their daily lives, and to understand the value of sustainability for themselves, their communities, and the environment.

2024 EcoReps 

EcoReps Leader Coordinators

Isabel Schoeman '24
Grace Rocker '24
Collin Geudel '26
Jason Luo '25
Lillie Szemraj '26

EcoReps Leaders

Aditi Desai '24
Fawaz Ahmad '25
Frida Ruiz '25
Isabella Checa '25
Bailey Glenetske '25
Philip Wang '25
Corey Segal '25
Lhogan Benjamin '25
Kiara Marie Wassoodew '25
Ezekiel Akinsanya '26
Makenzie Hymes '26
Mariam Elawady '26
Ruth Rocker '26
Ella Villacorta '26
Alice Chakrapeesirisuk '26
Calvin Grover '26
Madeleine Feldman '27
Shaun Karani '27
Ria Tomar '27
Liliana Sofia '27
Anherutowa Calvo '27
Jillard De Fiesta '27
Tavia Bryan '27
Akash Bhowmick '27
Mariah Morgan '27

Tigers Go Green Blog

Tigers Go Green is a sustainability news and information platform curated by the Office of Sustainability and Princeton’s EcoReps. TGG covers campus, local, national and global sustainability stories and shares information for readers to take action on any scale. Student-produced articles are shared with and read by the Princeton University campus community and greater global community.

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