Campus as Lab

“[N]o matter where you go in the world, that sense of immersing yourself in a place is the root of developing a sense of care.”  

— Shana Weber, Director of the Office of Sustainability


The Campus as Lab (CAL) initiative is built on this principle; that the impacts of an individual never go unrecognized by the greater community, and the world. The CAL program works actively with student and faculty researchers in using Princeton's campus for sustainability research and experiential learning. Explorations into the physical, operational, behavioral, and cultural dimensions of Princeton can generate new knowledge to advance sustainability on campus, in our broader community, and around the world.

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Encompassing the CAL program is the Sustainability Action Plan which presents an opportunity to build the University's goals and strategies into your coursework and research projects. Depending upon your University affiliation, we offer numerous paths of exploration. Find yours below:

Scales of Impact - You/Campus

Find ways you can take action on campus.

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Apply for Funding from The High Meadows Foundation Sustainability Fund for your CAL research.

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