Analyzing the Structural Integrity of Sustainable Concrete Alternatives

Researchers: Professor Branko Glisic

Department: Civil & Environmental Engineering

Project Summary: Emissions associated with concrete production total 8% of all global emissions, so sustainability research is focused on improving the carbon related impact of construction projects, including on campus. Civil & Environmental Engineering Professor Branko Glisic is working to monitor the structural integrity of carbon reduced concrete pillars and beams in a newly constructed parking structure. The goal of this project is to apply the findings of the structural research of concrete mixtures to newly developed concrete mixtures that do not use or emit any carbon byproducts in construction. With this data, hopefully future projects can be constructed using carbon-free concrete. The Campus as Lab initiative helps to promote and fund research projects with broad reaching goals, such as Glisic’s, which can be used to promote sustainability on a much larger scale.

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