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Integrating Sustainability at Work

Living Green at Home: Resources


Energy Guide

Energy Star

Employee Solar Program


Welcome and Introductions

Group Announcements

Welcome and Introductions

Sustainability at Princeton & Progress

    • Sustainability timeline:

-2008: Sustainability Plan was adopted; today there are two broad categories: Research, Education & Engagement and Campus Systems

-2002: The Princeton Sustainability Committee was formed

-2006: The Office of Sustainability was founded

-2009: The first sustainability annual report was published

Intro + Announcements:

  • Pace Center – Follow along online as a seven-member team heads to Peru for spring break to explore solar technology, off-grid communities, and sustainability:

Being Green at Home:


Intro + Announcements

Being Green at Work Presentation


  • Detailed a timeline of sustainability at Princeton and the 2013 progress toward goals to be published online and in print in November.

Notes & Next Steps


  • Explore possibilities of having more signage to advertise the TDM programs (e.g. car and vanpool programs)


  • Is the impact associated with sustainability labeling, carbon footprint app in the dining halls measured? 



Shana spoke about the recent external review of the University’s sustainability program, carried out by a panel of alumni and outside experts.

Being Green at Work & at Home

Welcome & Introductions

We had two visitors who joined us for the meeting, Dr. Mary Evelyn Tucker and Divya Farias ’15.

Journey of the Universe

Welcome & Introductions

Kristi welcomed everyone to our first meeting of the semester. Kristi asked everyone to introduce themselves and to identify an area of sustainability they are interested in or an aspect of sustainability that is relevant to their current work.

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