About the Office of Sustainability

Our Mission

The mission of the Office of Sustainability is to cultivate the desire in all of us to lead meaningful lives in service of global human and environmental well-being.


Shana S. Weber
Director, Office of Sustainability
Phone: 609-258-1518
Kristi L. Wiedemann
Assistant Director, Office of Sustainability
Phone: 609-258-1381
Lisa M. Nicolaison
Engagement and Communications Coordinator
Phone: 609-258-6085
Gina M. Talt
Food Systems Project Specialist
Phone: 609-258-1671
Ellen D. Fischer
Office Coordinator
Phone: 609-258-6141

Campus Partners


Student GreenLeaders

GreenLeaders, formerly known as the Princeton Environmental Network (PEN), was founded in 2006. It is a consortium hosted by the Office of Sustainability that provides Princeton University student sustainability leaders of clubs and organizations a venue for sharing information and collaborating on campus-wide projects and initiatives. The students have been, and continue to be, vital in the movement towards sustainability on campus, in our local community, and beyond.

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Staff Ambassadors

The Office of Sustainability created the Sustainability Ambassador Program to help achieve Princeton University’s sustainability goals, and to facilitate the advancement towards sustainability more generally, by appointing campus community members to serve as facilitators of sustainability in their home departments, offices, or groups, and in the wider community.

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Sustainability Leadership Group

 The Sustainability Leadership Group serves as the executive sponsor for strategic decisions associated with sustainability demonstration on the Princeton campus. Its work is informed by the Sustainability Steering Council and any associated task forces and working groups.

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Sustainability Steering Council

The Sustainability Steering Council is a gathering of senior faculty, administrators, and student leaders appointed by Princeton's Executive Vice President. Launched in 2013, the Council is charged with advancing the institution's overarching goal of using the campus itself as a demonstration of sustainable systems to inform and develop leadership potential in all students. The council strives to ensure that students are equipped to meaningfully employ the principles of sustainability in their future endeavors, no matter the discipline or field. 

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Princeton Sustainability Committee

The purpose of the Princeton Sustainability Committee is to collaborate closely with the Office of Sustainability to monitor the University’s relationship with the environment and to encourage improvements by creating a forum for faculty, students, and administrators to bring their very different perspectives to bear on our relationship with the environment.

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Working Groups


CO2 Task

The Princeton University CO2 Task Force was convened by President Chris Eisgruber in 2015 to further frame Princeton’s role in meaningful climate stabilization demonstration and impact beyond the University’s current 2020 CO2 reduction target. Appointed members included noted faculty in a range of related fields as well as administrative staff. Recommendations generated by the Task Force and submitted in December 2015  are intended to inform the 2026 Campus Plan, enhance the community’s sustainability ethos, and result in meaningful impact if applied broadly. The Task Force has advanced an approach that thoughtfully balances Princeton’s leadership imperative for early adoption and innovation with its obligation to demonstrate approaches that are repeatable by others. 

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Operational Working Groups

The Sustainability Working Groups, coordinated by the Office of Sustainability, are essential to driving the development and implementation of the Princeton Sustainability Plan.

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