Drink Local

With more than 190 filtered water bottle-filling stations on the Princeton campus, students, staff and visitors have easy access to free filtered water for their reusable water bottles and mugs. Since 2009, freshmen have received complimentary water bottles during move-in. The Office of Sustainability also partners with the Graduate Student Government to provide all new incoming graduate students with water bottles every fall. "Drink Local" water bottles can also be purchased at the U-Store on University Place.

drink local bottles

What are bottle-filling stations?

water fountainOne of the 180+ tall spouts located throughout campus
  • Water bottle-filling stations provide you with great-tasting, filtered water from local sources.
  • Carbon-based filters are changed out every six months.
  • Bottled water from hundreds--or even thousands--of miles away is expensive and perpetuates our reliance on fossil fuels.
  • Using a refillable bottle saves both money and natural resources!

Where can you find a bottle-filling station?

  • Residence hall common kitchens, hallways and laundry rooms
  • Academic and Administrative buildings
  • Athletic buildings

Station Location Information:


Area Station Location (Type) # of Stations
Butler & Wilson
1915 Kitchen next to seminar room 1
1927 Ground floor near bathrooms; first floor near room 211; second floor near room 221; third floor near room 231  4
1939 Laundry Room 1
1967 Hall First, second and third floor kitchens; add-on wall units across rooms B204 and B304 5
1976 Hall Add-on wall units across from rooms D114, D214 and D314; in first, second and third floor kitchens 3
Bloomberg Add on wall units in basement next to WPRB radio station and first floor lounge; sinks in study rooms 253, 353, 215 and 315; sinks in kitchen on first floor 6
Butler Multiple Locations (13 Sinks, 4 Fountains) 17
Dodge-Osborne First floor kitchen sink 1
Wilf First, second and third floor kitchens 3
Wu/Wilcox Second Floor, one next to Butler College Office, one next to Wilson College Office 2
Yoseloff Hall First and second Floor kitchens 2
Rocky & Mathey  
Madison Add-on wall unit next to dining hall entrance 1
Buyers By the elevators on the ground, first, and second floors; in the first floor lounge (Sink)  4
Blair Basement, in the kitchen (Sink) and by entryway 9; second floor by the elevator and by entryway 9; third floor by the elevator 6
Joline Kitchen 011 (Sink) 1
Witherspoon G Floor, Kitchen 015 (Sink) 1
Edwards Kitchen 008 (Sink) 1
Hamilton Main floor in corridor between Mathey College office and common room 1
Forbes & Whitman  
Forbes Main Inn G floor, outside dining room 1
Community Hall 00 Floor, across E020, next to bathrooms 1
Lauritzen / South Baker Second floor in S208 study, third floor in S308 study, fourth floor in S408 study 3
North B / North C First floor next to Whitman College office, C1 entry across from stairs level 30, C1 entry across from stairs level 40 3


Area Station Location (Type) # of Stations
Patton/Wright Basement, near lounge; ground floor between OIT and restrooms; first floor by room 82; second floor by room 41; third floor by room 313 and in the corridor leading to Wright hall; four floor by restrooms 7
Scully Multiple Locations (Sink) 5
Cuyler Basement Kitchen 313 (Sink) 1
Little Kitchen A2 (Sink) 1
Pyne 1st Floor, Kitchen 111 (Sink) 1
Laughlin Kitchen 004A (Sink) 1
Henry G Floor, Kitchen 107 (Sink) 1
Lockhart G Floor, Kitchen 100 (Sink) 1


Area Station Location (Type) # of Stations
171 Broadmead (U-Now) Multiple Locations (Sinks) 5
Aaron Burr Hall Multiple Locations (Fountains) 3
Computer Science Multiple Locations (Sinks) 2
Corwin / Fisher / Bendheim Multiple Locations (Fountains) 5
E-Quad Multiple Locations in buildings A-E, G, J (Fountains) 22
Fine Hall Sink 1
Guyot First floor by room 156; mezzanine across from stairs; next to elevators on second and third floors; A floor across from room 18, next to room A57 and room 09B 5
Lewis Library 100-level next to women's room; 200-level next to 202A Copier Room and across from 234 FAC Office; 300-level next to 303 Group Study Room and across from room 334; basement floor next to restrooms 6
McCormick First floor, next to library entrance; basement floor, across from the restrooms 2
McCosh Main floor next to restrooms  3
Print & Mail Services Main Floor (Fountain) 1
Robertson Third floor room 316 kitchen sink; Room 404A kitchen sink 2
Sherrerd Hall Multiple Locations (Fountains) 4
Wallace Hall First and second floor near restrooms 2
Woolworth First floor South Wing; second and third floors in North Wings 4


Area Station Location (type) # of Stations
Baker Rink Main floor next to women's bathroom 1
Caldwell Field House Main floor near South Entrance; A floor (outside of rooms A1 and A8) 3
Denunzio Pool Main floor near women's bathroom 1
Dillon Gym Stephen's fitness center main floor; near workout equipment; entrance; mezzanine rooms 5
Jadwin Gym Gym area entrances; lobby wings on east and west sides 4
Shea Rowing Center Multiple Locations (Fountains) 2


Area Station Location (type) # of Stations
22 Chambers Street Office of Community and Regional Affairs (Sink) 1
Dickinson Hall Floors G (outside G23A), 1 (outside 126), and 2 (outside 219) 3
Whig Kitchen 001A (Sink) 1
Carl Fields House Multiple Locations (Sinks) 3
Center for Jewish Life G Floor, Kitchen 1
Firestone Library Floors A, B, C, 2, and 3 near the elevators/bathrooms 5
Frist Campus Center G Floor, Cafeteria 1
Nassau Hall Second Floor Kitchenette (Sink) and Copy Room; third floor hallway 3
New South A Level & Floors 1-7 (Fountain) 8
Murray-Dodge Multiple Locations (Fountains) 2

To request a bottle-filling station in your building please contact the Office of Sustainability at sustain@princeton.edu