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The following topics have been identified in partnership with University operational departments and faculty from various academic departments to assist students in identifying potential JP, Senior Thesis and graduate research topics using the campus itself as a living laboratory for sustainability problem-solving.

Please browse below, or use the sorting options to the right to narrow your search by topic or discipline. Contact the Campus as Lab team, Caroline Savage and Gina Talt '15, for more information or questions!

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Evaluate the efficacy of long-term gamification to promote sustainable behaviors by developing a smartphone app that creates a year-long competition around recycling quality.

Disciplines: engineering

How do artificial athletic turf fields compare in temperature to natural grass athletic fields? Is there a significant difference in heat profiles?

Topics: landscape
Disciplines: engineering, natural sciences

Write the history of sustainability initiatives at Princeton. How have they changed, and why—and what’s been lost and what’s been gained?

Disciplines: humanities and arts, social sciences

Design a campus-based social practice sustainability art project and assess its impact on its audience.

Disciplines: humanities and arts

What is the effect of "living walls" on indoor air quality? Use sensors to monitor the indoor air quality in the Office of Sustainability's trailer, comparing the West side (with wall plants) vs East side (no wall plants).

Topics: buildings
Disciplines: engineering, natural sciences

Conduct a cost-benefit analysis for building a recycling center on campus

Disciplines: engineering, social sciences

Incorporate mitigation efforts (e.g. how Frick uses much less energy than a traditional lab building) on the campus energy Heatmap.

Topics: energy, buildings
Disciplines: engineering

What is the difference between the quality of harvested rainwater compared to domestic water? Are the impacts on plants of each different over time?

Topics: landscape, water
Disciplines: natural sciences