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Hannah Waxman '19 and Elizabeth Haile '19 are the two lead student coordinators of the 2017 Princeton University Farmers' Market


Hannah: History with Concentration in French 

Liz: Operations Research and Financial Engineering

How do you define sustainability?

Class Year: *2017 (second-year MPA student)

Major: Woodrow Wilson School

GreenLeader group affiliation and/or sustainability initiative: Woodrow Wilson Action Committee (WWAC) Sustainability Chair, Princeton Sustainability Committee graduate representative, Princeton University Farmers' Market, Dining Advisory Board 

Name: Jamie Simpson

Class year: 2016

Major: Civil and Environmental Engineering

Class year: 5th Year Graduate Student

Major: Computer Science

GreenLeader group affiliation and/or Sustainability initiative: Princeton University Farmers’ Market and the Community Garden Coordinator on the Lakeside Graduate Housing Committee

Major: Woodrow Wilson School

GreenLeader group affiliation and/or Sustainability initiative: Princeton Garden Project Manager, GreenLeader coordinator

How do you define sustainability? To me, sustainability is about understanding the consequences of our actions, appreciating the ways in which we are interconnected with other humans and our environment, and wasting and consuming less.

Major: Architecture

GreenLeader group affiliation: Greening Princeton and Greening Dining

Major: Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs

GreenLeader group affiliation: GreenLeader Coordinator & Co-President of Greening Princeton

How do you define sustainability?: To me, sustainability means resisting the urge to think myopically, and rather, acting to preserve the long-term health of ourselves, our surrounding communities, and our planet. 

Major: Woodrow Wilson School

GreenLeader group affiliation: SURGE and the Princeton Sustainable Investment Initiative (PSII)

How do you define sustainability? Sustainability is a goal to use no more than can be reproduced by nature and to tailor human efforts to living within the means that the planet provides us with.

Major: Computer Science

Sustainability initiative: DrinkLocal

How do you define sustainability? Ensuring that the planet can support life in perpetuity.

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