green tour

“A Sense of Where You Are” is an audio tour of Princeton University’s campus created by Margot Yale, Emily Kamen, and Will Lathrop from the Class of 2017.

by Nazik Elmekki '18

As our fellow Princetonians have left campus faster than our alumni flocked to it for Reunions, Princeton and the surrounding area can begin to resemble a ghost town colonized by camp children more than a college campus. But for those of us left behind, occupied by internships and research positions (or simply townies who never get enough of the orange bubble), here are a few suggestions for fun and sustainable summer adventures to take on in the absence of school work:

In early May 2013, GreenLeader Bianca DiGiovanni ‘15 led a large group of 6th graders on a campus Green Tour. The students, who attend John Ericsson Middle School, a magnet school for Environmental Engineering in Brooklyn, have been learning about sustainability in school. They were excited to see the green roof on Butler College, the efficient fume hoods and solar panels at Frick Chemistry Lab and the Washington Road stream restoration, among other sites.

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