At the second annual Tiger Chef Challenge, sustainability was on display in more than just the delicious plant-based dishes created by student teams competing in the Latin-American-inspired cook-off. Campus Dining also aimed to minimize the event’s waste by encouraging food vendors to use compostable serving materials, and by piloting a "Resource Recovery Station" for waste disposal.

This spring, the Office of Sustainability welcomed many new students to serve as Princeton Ecology Representatives (EcoReps), a group that was founded in 2004. The mission of the EcoReps is to promote the integration of sustainability practices into campus life. Here you can learn about each of the group's projects, and the student EcoReps leading them.      

On November 12, three EcoReps traveled to Durham, New Hampshire to attend the Students for Zero Waste (SZW) Conference organized by the Post-Landfill Action Network (PLAN). Amber Lin '19, Maj Halaweh '19 and Cecilia Shang '18 share their thoughts and takeaways from the conference in this Q&A.

If you can't keep it or sell it, donate it during the EcoReps Move Out Donation Drive

Collection dates and times:

Please note: The dates and drop off hours below are the ONLY donation times. Any items left at the collection sites before or after these times will go to the landfill. 

Friday, May 20: 10am-8pm at the donation tents and Dillon Gym

Saturday, May 21: 12-1pm at the donation tents, 1-5pm in Dillon Gym only

Got extra clothes that you don’t want to take home with you? Want to update your wardrobe for the summer without throwing out perfectly good clothes and spending money? If so, then come out to the EcoReps Clothing Swap! Trade in your washed, used clothes for some new ones. 

Step 1: Drop off

Monday May 2nd 6pm -8 PM
Tuesday May 3rd 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM

Give Your Stuff a Second Life: Donate it During Move Out

May 13 to May 24 

Accepted Donations:

Clothing, school supplies, books, unopened food and toiletries.

Furniture will not be accepted! You can donate furniture to the GSG Furniture Drive.

On Friday, April 26, hundreds of students gathered on the Frist South Lawn for the biggest environmental event of the year! Greening Princeton Co-President and GreenLeaders coordinator Olivia Howard estimated the total attendance at over 650 people, ranging from students to community members.  People came out to enjoy the beautiful spring day and locally and sustainably sourced ice cream from Bent Spoon and donated pizza from Terra Momo. 

Decked out in neon green T-shirts and carrying placards to match, the handful of undergraduate EcoReps roving around the P-rade last year did not exactly blend into the crowd — and that was the point. By drawing attention, they were able to spread the word about their goal of increasing recycling at Reunions tents and along the P-rade route.

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