by Somi Jun '20

During February's record-breaking warm spell, Princeton University Facilities staff members, Drew Slimmer and John Castles, went to McCosh Hall to do repairs, noting honeybees flying in and out of a hole under a vestibule roof. Upon closer inspection, Slimmer and Castles found not only a roof in need of repair, but also a large hive, its intricate honeycomb swarming with perhaps 25,000 honeybees.

The Daily Princetonian reports on the Princeton BEE Team in the article "The buzz on the BEE Team".

The loss of bees and other pollinators around the world is already cause for concern. Now two researchers who studied bumblebees in Colorado have added a new worry, identifying the perils of bumblebee infidelity not to other bees, but to their floral partners.

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