Princeton Ecology Representatives (EcoReps)

The Princeton University Ecology Representative Program (Eco-Reps) was founded in 2004 in conjunction with Princeton Facilities. The mission of the Eco-Reps is to promote campus recycling, reduce the amount of waste generated and contamination of recyclables, and increase sustainability through research, education, and providing the campus community with the tools necessary to implement greener practices.

The Eco-Reps facilitate end of the year recycling and have added move-out recycling receptacles for students near their dorms. They also help to increase Reunions recycling rates by raising awareness during the P-Rade and at Reunions sites.  In 2011, the Eco-Reps developed pilot programs to educate Reunions crews about recycling. The Office of Sustainability continues to use these programs to educate Reunions staff today.

Lastly, the Eco-Reps started cell phone and rechargeable battery recycling in the Frist Campus Center as well as plastic bag recycling in the laundry rooms across campus.